Love Languages and Coping with Long-Distance Relationships

Valentine's Day was just here and with love in the air, you can probably expect to be shown how much you're appreciated in a couple of ways. Love languages are the way that we as human beings choose to express feelings of love and affection. Everyone has different ways of showing someone how much they care, but how do you know which love language is yours? And how do you deal with expressing your love when your partner isn’t right by your side?

Words of Affirmation

Encouraging words, thoughtful remarks, affirmations, and empathy. You like to listen to your partner actively and prefer to send cute notes or texts to them frequently. Words of affirmation as a love language means you like being able to openly communicate your feelings and choose to shower your significant other with your genuine thoughts and flattery. Whether your partner is right down the street or across the world, one of the best things about words of affirmation being your love language is that distance doesn’t affect the way you express your love to your significant other. Emails, texts, and letters are great ways to not only keep in touch with your loved one, but to also tell them how much you appreciate them as if they were right by your side.

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Physical Touch

Using body language and touch to express love. You prefer to make intimacy a priority and show your love by hugging or holding hands with your partner. Physical touch is probably one of the more common love languages used by people and tends to offer love in the form of physical closeness. To someone whose love language is physical touch, you can expect frequent hugs, cuddles, and kisses. But unlike having words of affirmation as a love language, how do you cope with physical touch as a love language when there is distance between you and the person you love? One way to find other ways to express your love language, even if it’s not the most conventional way of doing so. For example, distance lamps are a great way to enable physical touch as a love language, even when the person you love isn’t physically with you. Finding ways to uphold your expression of love, even when the situation may prevent you from doing so is extremely crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship, especially for those that identify with this love language.

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Receiving Gifts

Cute keepsakes, unexpected surprises, and thoughtful gestures. You like to serenade your partners with physical objects to remind them of your affection. Though this may seem outwardly superficial to others, to someone who actively identifies with this love language, it is a genuine sentiment and physical validation of someone's true appreciation for their significant other.  This love language is also extremely forgiving for those that are dealing with a long distance relationship. Whether its jewelry, clothes, a good book or a box of treats from Comfort Eats to remind your loved one of home, giving and receiving gifts is an excellent way to remind your partner you’re thinking of them and show them just how much you care!

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Quality Time

Capturing moments is really important to you. Uninterrupted and focused conversations make you feel special and it's how you also choose to make someone feel wanted. Quality time as a love language is really just about being able to have someone's undivided attention and giving them yours as well. This love language is probably the second most common, as compared to physical touch, and is one of the purest forms of showing someone you really value their presence. Facetime calls, Skype sessions, and google meets are your best friend if someone you care about is far away. You can choose to make the most of your time apart by regular movie night sessions and virtual game nights. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t make some great memories with your loved one and still get that quality time in!

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Acts of Service

Offering to help your partner with tasks is your way of expressing a romantic sentiment. You like to go shopping with them, do chores with them, help them with daily tasks and duties. You show love by going out of your way to help someone. Acts of service are the least common type of love language and are usually the one that goes the most unnoticed. It is quite possible to mistake someone's genuine altruistic behavior for something more than it actually is; however, when recognized, it is one of the sweetest ways to show someone you care. While this one may seem practically impossible to do if someone you love is far away from you, it’s actually quite simple and it doesn’t always have to be a physical task. Ask your significant other if there is anything you can do to make their day go a bit smoother or simply offer to lend an ear. Sometimes, the nicest thing you can do for someone you care about is make sure they know that they can count on you no matter what! 

Well what are you waiting for? Go show your loved one how much you appreciate them and spread the love!

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