Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

Flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears. That can only mean one thing. Valentine's day is just around the corner! But while flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears mean love is in the air in America, how do different countries around the world celebrate their Valentine's Day? Here are 6 countries that celebrate Valentine's Day in a unique way.


Romania takes it one step further when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day. Couples take the chance to get engaged on the 14th as it is also seen as the welcoming of the Spring season. Both men and women go pick beautiful flowers from the forests and wash their faces with snow to invite good luck!

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In Japan, Valentine's day is celebrated in a two part series. On February 14th, the women are meant to give their male counterparts gifts and chocolates, to which the men then have to return the gesture exactly a month later, on March 14th, also known as "White Day."


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Wales has one of the most unique traditions in the world when it comes to Valentine's Day. For starters, they celebrate on January 25th instead of the traditional February 14th, and partake in an exchange of beautifully handcrafted wooden spoons, a tradition that has been practiced since the early 16th century!


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In Ghana, instead of calling the 14th of February "Valentine's Day," they call it "National Chocolate Day!" Ghana is one of the largest cocoa producers in the world and originally marked the 14th as a holiday to increase tourism and traffic to the country. Today, it is one of the best places to visit during the holiday for some good music, great food, and special menus!

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Ahh France. What better place to associate love with other than the capital of romance itself...and the French really outdo themselves every Valentine's with their "Epicenter of Romance," consisting of yards, trees, and homes decorated with love cards, roses, and proposals! The history of this tradition dates back to 1415, when the Duke of Orleans sent his wife love letters from prison, creating the first Valentine's card, and the French have since chosen to pay tribute to this moment in history by keeping their "Epicenter of Romance" tradition alive.

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In Argentina, instead of just one day to celebrate the season of love, they choose to host a "week of sweetness." During this week, lovers exchange chocolates and gifts and kisses to show their loved ones how much they truly love and appreciate them.


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What's a unique tradition you want to experience on Valentine's Day?


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