About Us

Our Mission

Comfort Eats exists to share select American comfort foods with the world and provide a little joy, sense of comfort and reminder of home for those thriving in new environments. 

Whether you or your loved ones miss the crunch of Cheetos or the creamy center of a Twinkie, your favorite foods can be delivered to you with affordable and quality care. 

We know that food is more than just nutrition. Sometimes the right foods can transfer you back the best memories of your childhood, and brings home that much closer. 

So as you or the ones the love the most, thrive in new environments, Comfort Eats will work to make the world just a little bit smaller and a little more comfortable.

Our Story

Hi! We're Brittany Canty and Reina O'Meara from Comfort Eats. We are just two friends who built a great friendship on our shared love for food. 

When Reina and her husband relocated from Chicago, IL to Wellington, New Zealand one of her biggest requests were snacks that reminded her of home. Every visit I packed my suitcase full of Chips Ahoy, Graham Crackers and Marshmallows and we feasted like New Zealand has never seen! 

We felt that everyone should be able to get that unique feeling of home that you get when you taste some of the foods you've grown up on. So, Comfort Eats was born. We hope that when you order from our store and you get your first package it will bring you just as much joy as it brings us during our visits.




Much Love,